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Post  Steven Cortez on Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:06 pm

A basic manual on what to do as a member of the CCA. This manual covers everything.

The most used tactic in the CCA is clamping. It means to "to block citizens from entering or exiting a said location or building". It's easy to setup a clamp.

  • Always have Combine Barricades attached to your Duplicator field tool.
  • Upon hearing the command to Clamp a location, move to it immediately, with your weapon drawn, and proceed to double check you are in no danger.
  • Move inside the clamp and assume defensive posture. Await reinforcements, DO NOT ENTER SAID BUILDING.
  • Ideally another unit should hold the other side of the clamp, symmetrically.
When clamping a building or area remember to;

  • Make enough room to pass through
  • Make enough room to man inside the clamp
  • Enough room for the door to work.
When clamping use non-lethal weapons.


A good breacher knows how to do it fast and properly with key precision. The current TL will order units their breaching position if needed BEFORE the breach. You need to act fast before any ACs or citizens know you're outside.

Breaching is simple, take a look at the above picture for more detail.

  • Entry Unit (Pointman) - To the left of the door.

  • Second Entry Unit - Directly behind the pointman

  • Breacher - To the right of the door, slightly away from the wall if necessary to get a clean shot on the door itself.

  • Team Leader - Next to the Breacher, Covering him.

Don't ever stand in the door way, your a target as soon as the door comes off.

The breach will take place under these commands -
"BREACH - LOCATION HERE" - The squad forms up, in positions.
"PREP BREACH!" - The breacher readies his shotgun, entry units raise their weapons
"BREACH!" - The door is blown in, and the units enter/sweep.

  • The Team Leader will enter after the first two units.

  • The breaching unit stays back and blocks the door, to prevent anyone from entering/exiting. He may come in after everything is clear and if there is another door to be breached.
Upon entering, the first two units break left and right. The TL will move in and stay near the middle.

If the room is clear - they ALWAYS call out these -

  • "C-L!" = Clear Left

  • "C-R!" = Clear Right

  • "C-A!" = Clear All

Detaining is what you would do most everyday, wether it be a large number of citizens or individuals. There are many reasons to detain an individual

For example, there is a mass gathering of ACs or people in the S7 Slums.

  • Clamp the area.
  • Broadcast and let everyone know what is going on
  • Get every citizen on to a wall
  • Search them
  • Sweep the area after

Sometimes you'll have to do transportation checkpoints to identify citizens and possesions.

  • One man stands at a console to go over name and CID check.
  • One Unit searches citizens
  • One unit always standing at the gate.

Patrolling is easy. Patrol in pairs or in groups.

You do ration distribution nearly everyday as a CCA. Set up clamps near the area and have units man them. Ask for name and CID.

[left]As a CCA member, you'll be required to transfer the CA safely to a location. If the CA wants to have a public meeting, you have to be there. Set up a nice presentation.

When escorting, construct a box formation around subject and keep an eye out. Use lethals.

Thanks to the people who were in the screenshots.
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